I'd like to present a special project- a student housing concept in Hamburg, Germany designed by Loft KolasiƄski. I had a real pleasure creating a set of views and collaborating with a renowned interior designer studio.

A loft style interior of a refurbished industrial building is heavily based on real life rare vintage furniture which in almost all cases had to be modeled individually. The same goes to textiles and other uncommon materials for which multiple textures had to be made.

It's a first project for me with such a tailored approach. I really liked working on it.

Base architectural model was done in Archicad. Everything else modeled in 3d Max, rendered with V-ray with post production in Photoshop.

I would appreciate your comments.

Kind regards,
Common Room- multiple lounge areas, common kitchen and a dining area
Common Room- crop#1
Common Room- crop#2
Common Room- music and cinema area
One of many designer requests was to incorporate a photograph of Roman Modzelewski, famous Polish designer- his sitting on a chair of his own design. The photo had to be recolored since the original photo was monochromatic.
Student room with custom furniture designed specifically for this project.
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