I'd like to share a selection of visuals from a larger set created for Firmus.
It's a housing complex located in Poland, by the sea coast. There are four types of houses with a total of around fifty units.
A rough 3d model has been provided by the client. My job was to create a couple of shots for each house type, a selection of views depicting common areas and two aerial shots of the whole complex. I had to incorporate a landscape design with specific plant types and shapes- the whole complex include a lot of common greenery and public spaces.
The initial model has been created in Archicad, then transfered into 3d Max and views were rendered in Vray. Post production in Photoshop. Due to time constraints and the scale of the project, I had very little time to improve the model- for example, the roofs are only textured planes.
I hade some "fun" dividing the walls from Archicad model into 50+ different plaster shades according to the provided material list ;)
Kind regards,
A street view towards the gates showcasing open lawns and common greenery.
Open lawns, green sorrounding, a dog is stealing a ball.
A three generation family garden barbeque.
A house warming party- guests are coming...
A housewarming party- garden soiree.
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