I'd like to share a couple of views from one of my most recent projects, located in Mielno, Poland. It's a seaside Resort designed by SAS - Studio Architektoniczne Sietnicki.
I've been working on and off on this project for about 7-8 years and learned a bit about visualising architecture on different versions of the buildings' design :)
These images have been created in 3d max and Vray with a good dose of Forest Pack. The base model was done in Archicad.
If you'd like you can read a bit about this project in an article I've written a couple of years ago here:
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A night time view with everything in 3d (including people) except the sea surface.
A daytime view with approximately 200 people placed individually in postproduction.
Here's a model overview- all is 3d, except people enoturage and the sea surface.
This image has been done in 2011, but shows almost the same design stage from a different POV.
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